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Why does Thailand need our support?

mother and child

Thailand is a stunning country rich in natural beauty and cultural traditions. Currently, the country is undergoing major economic, political, and social changes as it develops. We want to help increase the positive results from such changes while working to minimize the negative effects of moving toward greater industrialization and urbanisation.

Who do we want to help?

We are called the Dragonfly Community Foundation because we work for and with communities towards development on a basic, grassroots level. We work with community institutions and organisations such as schools, orphanages, education centers, and conservation projects to promote and aid them in their work.

walking through the village

We also work directly with the general population as well as disadvantaged groups who need advocacy and assistance to improve their own lives. These groups include:

  • Children and youth without adequate family care
  • Refugees and stateless people, mostly in Thailand’s border areas
  • Poor and/or landless rural families and children
  • Urban poor and urban homeless people
  • Ethnic minority communities who are marginalized and without adequate government support

Read on to find out about what we do in Thailand

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