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Education is a tremendously broad term, but it’s taken here to mean dissemination of knowledge and training in new skill areas. We believe that education is the road that leaves to positive change and we work with people of all ages to promote teaching, learning, and sharing of information.






We're currently looking for teaching volunteers for our Volunteer EnglishTeaching Project.  For details, please visit our volunteering website.


Teacher Training

DCF staff and volunteers have years of experience in the field of education and create initiatives to share their own knowledge and also organise learning opportunities for other educational specialists to share their skills. Our experience lies largely in the areas of student-centered learning methodology and English-as-a-foreign-language education.

Working in conjunction with School Zone Offices, Dragonfly staff lead workshops to help Thai teachers build their skills and learn new methods for teaching English. Many Thai teachers have the English subject thrust upon them and have little training or expertise in this area. Through our training programs, teachers are able to improve their all-important conversation skills and are also shown new ways to encourage their own students to speak English.

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English Education

English is Thailand’s unofficial second language and is tremendously important as the language of tourism, international business and trade, and of higher education. With access to English-speaking volunteers, we are able to deliver programs to students young and old to help them build skills in this useful foreign language.

Dragonfly trains English speakers to teach fun and effective lessons and places them at largely rural schools across Thailand. In these locations, they live with Thai hosts from whom they learn Thai language and culture which helps to improve the efficacy of their teaching. Students gain exposure to foreign culture and increased interest in learning English.


To volunteer your time as an English Teacher in Thailand, please read this project summary on our volunteering site.



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