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Because of rapid modernization and social changes in Thailand and neighbouring countries, many new pressures are placed on families which affect children and youth. Children can lose their parents to disease, accidents, and violence, but are also sadly abandoned by parents unable or unwilling to provide for them. In border areas, families can be separated by violence and migration, leaving children without proper care. In other regions, poverty limits children’s development and access to education.

We’re dedicated to working with these disadvantaged youths to make their lives richer and to improve their chances for a successful future.


Children's Home Sponsorships

Young children need support for food and shelter, clothing, education, and related costs. Caring people from around the world can help us help children by providing them with monthly support to supplement caregiver incomes. The children in our program have been orphaned or abandoned and live in children’s homes which are struggling to make ends meet. Your sponsorship can help ensure that the childrens' needs are met and that they can progress through happy and healthy lives – even for as little as the price of a cup of coffee each day.





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