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2 Karen girls

The DCF is registered as a charitable foundation in Thailand, number N.M.1/2551, under the Ministry of Culture.  We organize volunteer and charity projects to help build communities in Thailand.


The DCF was created to address the needs of the people of Thailand and in support of education, environment, and social welfare in this country.


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Our Mission

The Dragonfly Community Foundation works to strengthen communities in Thailand through a holistic approach of education, health and wellness programs, local economic initiatives, environmental stewardship, and support for the disadvantaged. We give people tools and opportunities to make sustainable, long-term improvements to their communities and their own lives by promoting volunteerism and knowledge sharing for the benefit of all.


Our Objectives

tiny village girlTo support the education and career training of children and adults who lack opportunities  to gain career knowledge and employment opportunities to support their families.

To promote and support volunteering and charitable work.

To developing communities by supporting building, local economic initiatives, and educational activities.

To support personal and community health education initiatives.

To support and promote Thai culture for both Thais and foreigners.

To collaborate with other non-profit organizations for the public good.

To support conservation of wildlife and natural areas in Thailand, as well as environmental study & stewardship.



Projects areas we work in:


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